How to quickly get 5 star reviews on google for free?

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How to quickly get 5 star reviews on google for free?


Google's five-star rating is even more important in this kind of competitive, virtual business world. Where to eat, fix your phone or your hair has never been easier on Google and social media It may seem unimaginable to anyone, but Google and social media have decided where to buy products and services.

So how do people decide? How will they believe and know that it is of great quality?

Okay, let's ask Google.

Have a google my business page? How many opinions do you have? What is your overall 5.0 rating?

Your online presence on Google is like a first impression. Would you choose a 2-star restaurant to eat at Yelp? No, why would you choose a two-star restaurant in a city full of five or four stars? It may seem scary and intimidating to everyone online, but it's actually easier to get a rating than you might think in just a few steps. Check out our founder Mac Frederick for an explanation of 5 easy steps to get more 5-star reviews!

Choose your business

Make sure you're a business or organization, launching your website and appearing in Google searches. You already have an online presence and make sure the business needs more attention. When people search for your local service, you want to make sure that your business comes first and the way to do that is your information on Google. The goal is to get more results from local search traffic so that people in the area can access and rate your business.

Search for the correct Google Account and contact details

Make sure you have the right information on Google. Is the site correct? Is the phone number correct? Exact hour? Does your organization's site accurately point people to your business on Google Maps? Take the time to ensure that the information on your website is clearly, informatively, and easily accessible to your customers. Having the right Google Account for your business is the key to achieving a five-star rating so customers know they're evaluating the right business.

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Go to

Grade US is an online tool that helps you ask questions of your customers and remind them to review your business properly. People always forget or don’t take enough care to check things out or don’t know how to do it easily. is beneficial for business owners and clients. All you have to do is enter your business name and zip code and in seconds you can get a Google link review so that customers don't have to easily navigate and visit your website.

Distribution link

To announce. Send your link to friends or loyal customers through social media platforms or offer store credit. The more you interact with your customers and acquaintances to review your site, the more effective and relevant your work will be. People hire you to review your website by sending you a simple link that helps your business move forward on the path of building trust with new visitors. Ask people to review if they have any good experiences or ask a coworker who asks you to write informed reviews. Send promotional emails via Mailchimp (or other chain messaging sites) to keep all old and returning customers up to date. There are endless ways to get feedback, but all you have to do is ask yourself questions and promote them. You can also create a loyalty or rewards program where they write a review to take part in a design, competition or discount offer. Other automated platforms that help with SEO and review automation include Yaxt, CNUP, BirdEye and more.