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Monday, September 6, 2021

How to reach Pawna Lake Camping?


What happens when you book Pawna Lake setting up camp with us?

 After the booking method is done on, you will be sent an affirmation email with the Google map area for the camping area. You need to follow the guide and turn on the GPS so you will arrive at Pawna Lake Camping with no issue. You will likewise be given the contact subtleties of your Pawna lake camp facilitator to get help. We will likewise send you an update email the day preceding your setting up camp is booked. Nonetheless, regardless, on the off chance that you wish to address the camp organizer, you can connect with him on the number given in the email. You can address the client care chief for some other inquiries.


Click here to know things before Visiting Pawna Lake Camp.


 How might you reach to Pawna lake camping area?

 In case you are coming from Mumbai, you can venture out to Lonavala via train and afterward take a private jeep to arrive at the area. You can discover these jeeps outside the Lonavala station.

 In case you are going from Pune, you need to take a neighborhood train to arrive at Kamshet and afterward take a private jeep to arrive at Pawna lake campground. You can get these jeeps from outside the Kamshet station. The distance is roughly 17 to 22 km from Lonavala and Kamshet rail route station.

 How much will it cost for the jeep ride?

 One way to travel to Pawna Lake setting up camp is Rs.1000 and 10 individuals can go in one jeep. For a return venture from the campground to Lonavala/Kamshet rail line station, you can request that your camp facilitator orchestrate a jeep or you can ask a similar jeep driver to get you the following day.

 How to Reach Pawna Lake setting up camp From Mumbai utilizing Google Map?

 1.  Via Kamshet (Road condition is normal):

 Mumbai > Lonavala > Kamshet > Pawnanagar > Pawna Lake Camping

 2. Via Lonavala (Road Condition is Bad):

 Mumbai > Lonavala > Andholigoan > Dudhivare Khind> Pawna Lake Camping

Sunday, September 5, 2021

8 Places for Camping in Lonavala

Lonavala is the top spot among the end of the week setting up camp objections. There are numerous camping areas in and around Lonavala however we have referenced just eight best places for setting up camp in Lonavala.

 Toward the finish of the article, we have given a few suggestions and things to recall while booking a camping area close to Lonavala

 1) Pawna Lake, Lonavala

 Suggested, generally mainstream, on consistently

 It's a tranquil spot and is a fantastic end-of-the-week door. Vegetation includes this lake, making it a pleasure for the individuals who need to invest energy in the lap of nature. You can journey to the close-by slopes, pay attention to music, camp there, and appreciate tasty food prepared by local people. Local people there give you a protected spot, security, tents, food, and a speaker that you can interface with your telephone or PC and pay attention to music while you star-look in the evening. It is extremely quiet and an incredible spot to breathe outside air. Perhaps the most mainstream place for setting up camp is Lonavala.


Visit here to know about pawna lake camping.

 2) Camping at Jadhavwadi Lake, Talegaon

 Profoundly accessible, less famous, practically on consistently

 You get an opportunity to investigate the immaculate magnificence of Jadhavwadi Lake. It is the greatest spot for the time being enjoying nature close to Lonavala. This campground is around 25 km from the downtown area of Lonavala yet the street till camping area is generally excellent.

 3) Camping at Rajmachi stronghold Base, Lonavala

 Less mainstream however suggested

 Rajmachi is a post situated close to Lonavala it offers an astounding perspective on the Sahyadri mountains and the backwater of Shirota dam. It's one of the less investigated setting up camp spots in Lonavala. The street till camping area isn't exactly great yet nature merits visiting.

 4) Camping at Ulsan Lake, close to Kamshet

 Less accessible, less famous, not consistently

 Ulsan Lake setting up camp offers convenience with admittance to the lake. This region is not famous and not exceptionally close to the Lonavala downtown area.

 5) Camping at Shirota Lake, Lonavala

 Less famous, less suggested, not on consistently

 However Lonavala in Mumbai is spilling over with odd areas, Shirota Lake is a recognize each nature darling couldn't want anything more than to investigate over and over. Here is a set-up camp bundle that is stretching out a good greeting to that load of extraordinary individuals who are searching for a complete change from their day-by-day life scenes. This is one of the beautiful set-up camp places close to Lonavala.

 6) Camping at Korigad

 ess mainstream, less suggested, few out of every odd end of the week

 Korigad is an excellent fortification situated on top of a slope, around 20 km from Lonavala, close to Aamby valley. This is a simple 6 km journey, with stone-cut advances driving up generally. It's perhaps the most normal and daring setting up camp objections in Lonavala.

 7) Camping at Tikona stronghold base

 Less famous, suggested, each end of the week

 Take off for a quiet outside encounter where you will stay in bed tents, go through the evening under the stars, and barbecue your grill. This enchanting camping area close to Lonavala is situated at the foundation of Tikona post, with perspectives on Pawna Lake and the valley.

 8) Camping at Malavandi Lake

 Less famous, not suggested, consistently

 The perfect magnificence of the shining water under the sky can be entirely cheered exclusively by the drifting experience and Malavandi lake close to Pawna Dam in Lonavala serve you such an experience of sailing.


 Although there are eight acceptable settings up camp choices in Lonavala, we don't suggest these. A portion of these camping areas is difficult to reach and not extremely mainstream. Thus, there will not be an adequate group in the camping area, and in general, energy will not be lot occurring.

 Our ideas

 1) Pawna Lake: There are numerous camping areas in Pawna Lake and a different segment for families and couples accessible. There will be an adequate group each Saturday. Administrations, Lakeview, and audits are better compared to the next.

 2) Shirota lake: Inspite of terrible streets, this campground merits visiting due to the food and view. This spot is less marketed and the staff is exceptionally unassuming. The solitary inconvenience is that there will not be an occasion each Saturday. You need to affirm everything over a call.

 3) Jadhavwadi lake: This campground is profoundly accessible and has very little mainstream. This campground is exceptionally close to Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Lakeview isn't exceptionally interesting yet the dawn see is lovely. This can be a fast end-of-the-week escape for individuals around Pune.

This is to recollect while booking a campground in Lonavala

 1) Confirm date, accessibility, and schedule over call and afterward book on the web.

 2) Don't pay for everything ahead of time. Continuously pay a halfway sum and the rest of the sum on appearance.

 3) Ask for the most recent photographs over WhatsApp.

 4) Get precise Google map area and address by email or WhatsApp.